Letter From The Desk of Aaron Mattes

To Whom Concerned:


Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method began in 1970 with Aaron Mattes and is an ongoing process

involving the isolated lengthening and strengthening of muscles, fascia and connective tissues.


One of the outstanding practicing practitioners of AIS is Mr. Bruce Baltz.  Mr. Baltz began studying AIS in 1992

and has spent hundreds of hours studying and assisting in clinical and numerous academic settings.  In 1993 Bruce

wrote and became a continuing education provider for AIS the Spa Method.


As a licensed massage therapist, Bruce Baltz spent hundreds of hours in clinical practice and teaching Active Isolated

Stretching: The Mattes Method full time.  Bruce is a leading instructor of AIS



Aaron L. Mattes MS. RKT. LMT