SpiriPhysical was founded in 2003 by Bruce Baltz, LMT to provide continuing education workshops for massage therapists and body-workers.

Over the past 10 years, our company has evolved and will continue to do so as it molds itself along with industry changes and clients’ needs. Bruce has taken on administrative roles with several Spa shows throughout the country, developing CE workshops and bringing educators together to share their knowledge and expertise.

SpiriPhysical is committed to the ongoing efforts of creating higher standards in order to participate in the evolution of treatments in the spa and massage industry.  

In support of this effort, we have developed workshops such as; “Introduction to Deep Tissue Healing: The Art of Stone Massage” and “Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)”, approved by Aaron Mattes who has developed AIS. We have adapted these modalities from the clinical environment to support greater depth on spa menus; this concept was first embraced in 1999 by Oasis Day Spa in New York.

Bruce Baltz, founder of SpiriPhysical® LLC. is a licensed massage therapist in the States of New York and Florida while maintaining his Board Certification in Massage Therapy and Bodywork. He is an internationally recognized educator with over thirty years experience in the fitness and bodywork industry. Bruce has developed Deep Tissue Healing: The Art of Stone Massage in 1999 and 2004 active isolated stretching AIS: spa method approved by Aaron Mattes. Bruce is former Chair of NCBTMB
Career Objective

To work in the spa or wellness industry utilizing my experience in product education, retail for massage therapists, treatment development and CE education. I have advanced skills in deep tissue hot and cold stone massage, Active Isolated Stretching and Body Mechanics. I am looking to combine these skills in a management role to develop new treatments, bring consistency into existing treatments and increase profitability to massage programs.